Amazing Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi 3s Specifications

Amazing Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi 3s Specifications

All about the Amazing HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s

The amazing HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s weigh just 72 grams, making it very light and portable. To make it easier to use, you may take it anywhere and connect to Wi-Fi simultaneously. Buy the Huawei mobile wifi 3s here.

The HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s lets you connect up to 16 additional devices to the LTE connection, share the internet with your relatives and enjoy your time together on the internet. In addition, it allows you to use your phone, iPod, or other Wi-Fi devices simultaneously.

You can use 150Mbps Wi-Fi on the road to do things like video chat, listen to music, and watch movies. There's also an intelligent mode that saves power, making it more efficient. Consequently, you get a lot of energy in a small package, allowing you to play for more extended periods when you're on the road.

HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s Features

We have discussed some of the features of HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s below.

  • Pocket-Size, Impressively Lightweight

The weight of the Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi makes it light and portable. 1 Wi-Fi hotspots may be easily transported and used at home or work, on vacations, or wherever you travel.

  • Easy & Fast Wi-Fi

With just a SIM card inserted, the HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi 3s can deliver speeds of up to 150Mbps2. You can do anything at home, including video chat, listening to music, and watching movies while you're on the road.

  • Stay Connected

Huawei's Mobile Wi-Fi 3s lets you enjoy quality time with family and friends by connecting up to 16 Wi-Fi connections at once3. In addition, it allows you to use your phone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi devices simultaneously.

  • Battery for up to 6 Hours of Operation

One of the few features of today's culture is that the battery can be readily replaced by the user and has a capability of 1,500 milliamp minutes (math). The six-hour operating time specified by Huawei was verified throughout the test. Depending on the number of connected devices, the battery life may be reduced; however, it can purchase a new battery cheaply to extend the runtime. The storm took an hour and a half to charge throughout the trial fully.

  • Good First Impression

In terms of looks, the Huawei E5576 Mobile Wi-Fi 3S hotspots are rather appealing. The material is excellent, and the highest on/off switch has a fantastic pressure point. Installation of a SIM card and a battery is simple since the back panel is easily removed.

Because Huawei has excluded connections for an extracellular antenna, it initially looks to be a disadvantage. With the advent of USB Type C in 2020, this would have been a much better solution. SIM cards from Telekom and O2 with unlimited data were used for the test. WLAN performance was abysmal while connecting to the LTE network.


In terms of price, the Huawei E5576 Mobile Wi-Fi 3s is among the cheapest LTE mobile routers on the market. In addition to the program's streamlined appearance, its ease of use was a significant selling point. Additional advantages include a compact design and a battery that it can replace.