Balance Huawei: A Connected Gadget For All Ages

Balance Huawei: A Connected Gadget For All Ages

Now Huawei is back in the healthcare market, not a new smart watch. But this time, Huawei has launched a new online scale: Huawei led scale 3.
This is a very good product, which can not only pay attention to your health, but also better understand your body.
The following is the basic knowledge of this new digital scale.

The huawei scale: A redesigned look to improve your daily life

To use this smart scale, just stand up and wait for the screen to show your current weight.

The new huawei scale 3 cena scale supports precise measurement and professional analysis of 14 body data. This scale can support big data comparison for people of the same age. However, it comes with a dual mode Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection.

In terms of design, the surface of the embedded ladder made of tempered glass has a simple texture. We also notice an elegant jade-type look and a smooth step.

There are also low-scale 3.5mm feet and non-slip silicone rubber wear pads.

Zoom on the Sports Health technology of the huawei scale

This latest generation of scale is equipped with Huawei's sports and health application, which provides more than 200 training courses. Including reducing fat and increasing muscle. Every change in the body index data has a history.
Therefore, once the weight table is connected, the body fat index can be measured directly from Huawei sports health application. A survey based on historical data shows that the identity of family members is wise. In addition, their measurement data will be automatically synchronized with the cloud and transferred to the corresponding account. In addition, it allows remote viewing at any time.

Features of the Huawei scale

The Huawei Scale 3 cena digital scale allows you to accurately know your physical condition by means of 11 body sensors. This, in order to act accordingly and improve it. Thus, this scale is an indispensable gadget for the whole family.

Here are some features of the huawei scale 3 cena:

  • Tempered glass panel and 4 non-slip rubber feet ensure accurate measurement every time.
  • Download Huawei Health app to get information about your health and body parameters.
  • Huawei Health app is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above systems.
  • The weighing range of this smart scale is from 2.5 kg to 150 kg.
  • 11 body indicators for accurate detection of body changes.
  • The Huawei cena 3 scale has two connectivity options, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to facilitate the user's task.
  • It supports guest mode and auto login for 10 users simultaneously.

Here are some strong points which make the specificity of this scale

multiple and intelligent display

easy to use

many data provided

intuitive application

credible results