Best E-bike models you can choose from

Best E-bike models you can choose from

Have you tried riding a cruiser electric bike? If not, then you have missed something enjoyable and comfortable to ride. Here are the top five favorite cruisers for this coming summer. They will be the best e-biking fun you have always dreamed of having.

The 7D Townie Go

It's the top on the list from Electra. The Electra has several good cruiser bikes with a huge range of specifications. The 7D Townie Go! Comes at $1,499. The Townie Go! has several advantages. Electra has the best mid-drive ebike cruiser models, but if you need a bike with a hub motor, Townie Go! It's the option to choose. It will enable you to cruise on a god cruiser frame limiting extra expenses of fancy mid-drive.

The cruiser will give you a nice ride and plenty of motors, but its battery appears to be a bummer at only 309 Wh. The 7D Townie go! is a first-class pedal e-bike that lacks a throttle. It still has a good range of 40 to 80 km (25 to 50 miles), provided you stay strong and use the assistance of the powerful pedal at all times.

As a first-class e-bike, Townie go goes up to 32 km/h (20 mph), a higher speed for any cruiser bike. E-bikes are always slow and low. You are riding cruisers for experience and not to arrive at your workplace quickly. It makes 20 mph to be more.

The bike will give you smooth rides as it feels good as its looks. It's available in many different colors and pastels. These bikes also have step over frames if you don't want the step-through ones, but many cruiser e-bike markets are for people having accessibility issues. It makes the step-through e-bike to be more popular than the step over.

Buzz e-bike

It's the next on the line. The bike combines the bike geometry and cargo bike utility by adding the super study cargo baskets at the front. These cargo baskets get mounted into the bike frame.

There is a great difference between buzz bikes and the other common bikes here. The buzz bike gives an upgrade up to a mid-drive motor. It means you can power this bike via gears and make shifts accordingly. The greatest advantage of this is dropping into lower gears for upshift for high speed or lower gears to climb hills. The upshift works best on flat grounds.

The bike's maximum speed is 32 km/h (20 mph). You can't Overspeed past this speed limit, but it's enough to give you a good experience.

Many people are not familiar with this mid-drive motor, but it comes from the Tongsheng company. The motor doesn't have Bosch's recognition name but makes the best mid-drive and affordable motor.

The buzz bike costs $1,499, the same price tag for the 7D Townie Go! The difference is that this bike gives a mid-drive motor and inbuilt torque sensors that gives a smooth and nice pedal assist.


There are huge noticeable differences between Tongsheng and Bosch. Tongsheng is loud, but you will hear it when at lower speeds. Wind noise will cover the motor whirr if you cruise at high speeds.