Cord Reels- Detail Review 2022

Cord Reels- Detail Review 2022

The reel is one of the most convenient inventions of the 20th century. The varieties and applications of these reels are endless, which makes them worth it.

If you are looking for cord reels that will meet all your demands, make sure to do proper research about good brands or get help from online articles.

The aim of this article is also to provide you with a detailed review of the cord reels that is important for you to get the right reel.

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But first, look into the important details of the cord reels below.

Types Of Cord Reels

Cord reels types are divided into different classes based on their material and use. Here we are giving you two main classifications of these reels.

Based on Material

Cord reels are made from different materials for multiple applications and to meet customers’ demands. Few types of cord reels based on the material are

· Wooden/Plywood Reels

Wooden reels are designed for long-way transportation. These reels can be used for multiple purposes, and you can even use them after being damaged.

Plywood is a cheap alternative to wooden reels. It comes in an affordable price range and is made from poplar or birch wood. These reels are lightweight and durable and are used widely in local commercial applications.

· Steel Reels

Steel is considered one of the most durable materials, but it's much heavier than other types. Steel reels are highly recommended and popular among the offshore industry as the water can damage the wood material.

· Plastic Reels

Plastic reels are lighter than a prior option. Usually, plastic reels are designed in eco-friendly. These reels are used in local applications because it’s the cheapest option among many others.

Based on Place of Use

Based on the place of the cord, reels are divided into two main types; outdoor and indoor reels.

· Indoor Reels

Indoor reels are designed for every day & low-wattage applications.

· Outdoor Reels

Outdoor reels are more durable than indoors to resist all the weather conditions. These reels are designed for high wattage like on large constructions sites.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying Cord Reels

· Capacity/size

Size/capacity is one of the most important factors to consider. A thumb rule is used to determine the size of the reel that fits well according to cord size. Both the larger and smaller sizes will cause you unnecessary hassle.

· Retractable & Wall Mounted

Retracting reels are the most convenient for use. These reels will provide you with easy accessibility to the cord. The wall-mounted design is optional based on your preference. If your cord is being used at a specific place, wall-mounting will keep it safe and tidy.

· Application

Cords are of various types based on applications. Some cords are designed for electrical conductivity while the others are not. The reels used for electrical cords are coated with a non-conductive material to keep the user safe.


Purchasing a cord reel for your applications can be a challenging task for you, especially when the market is filled with various options. However, some factors and features can help you to get the right reel for your cord. Here we have provided you with a complete guide to understanding what the cord reels are and how they differ from each other.