How is a windbreaker different from a ?

How is a windbreaker different from a ?

Windbreaker jackets or windcheaters are popular among people, especially outdoor enthusiasts. Some individuals wear them without a proper understanding of their purpose or benefits but for their aesthetic look. They are close-fitting and can have long sleeves or be completely sleeveless. They aim at keeping you warm and resisting the flow of wind and water. Buyers make a significant shopping mistake of confusing a windbreaker jacket with a rain jacket. They are both water resistant but are two completely different types of clothes. We look at the differences between a windbreaker jacket and a rain jacket below.

How a windbreaker jacket varies from a rain jacket

A rain jacket mimics a raincoat, but it is shorter and bulkier. The following are ways to differentiate them as a buyer.

1.      Windbreaker jackets are softshell

This means that the jacket's outer layer is made of a softer material than the rain jackets. Rain jackets are known as hardshell since their outer layer is thick, firm, and plastic-like. Both jackets are water-resistant, but windbreakers are not waterproof, unlike rain jackets. As a buyer, you don't have to worry about getting soggy. The jacket resists a good amount of water by rolling it off its surface before it starts absorbing it.

2.      Windbreaker jackets are smaller

Size is something very noticeable when buying anything. The jackets appear and weigh less than the rain jackets. This is especially good for packing purposes during outdoor activities like hiking. Rain jackets are slightly oversized, but that size difference cannot be ignored. A windbreaker jacket is less bulky, easy to pack in a backpack without occupying much space. Carrying or wearing light clothing is vital for any hiker to reduce general body strain and discomfort. Also, random walks in them are much better than rain jackets.

3.      Windbreaker jacket types are stretchy

The outer softshell of the jackets allow them to stretch and move freely on the body. On the other hand, rain jackets have less freedom of movement due to the hard shell. They are stiff and rustle with every movement. Nevertheless, some rain jackets are made from soft and stretchy fabrics, but they are few and very expensive. The elastic material of windbreaker jackets enhances their comfort. You can spend long hours wearing them, unlike the rain jackets, which are heavy and limit your actions.

4.      Windcheater jacket types are delicate

They are made from single-layer fabrics, while rain jackets have a multiple-layer construction. The lack of many fabric layers makes the windcheaters light, meaning their strength is compromised. The many layers of material make rain jackets more durable. When deciding on a windcheater jacket, consider its purpose and where you'll wear it to. It requires much care to prevent it from damages.

5.      Windcheater jackets are cheaper

They cost less than the rain jackets due to factors like being lightweight and delicate. However, others are pretty expensive based on the quality and brand.


Windbreaker jackets are suitable for everyday use. They are also ideal for outdoor activities to protect you from excessive wind and water. When buying, consider the factors above to help distinguish them from rain jackets. Buy from trustworthy stores locally or online and check the pricing for a rough idea of what you are actually buying.