How to restore your 613 wig

by Finn
613 wig

The hair industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. More and more people embrace wigs, extensions, weaves, and other hair types, and you can have them in your preferred color, material, length, or style. One of the upcoming hair types is the 613 wig made of human hair. It is a colored wig in a blonde shade whose shiny nature attracts you first. However, the 613 wig color fades with time. We look at ways of restoring the 613 wigs below.

Tips for restoration

Human hair wigs are quite expensive based on their construction process, quality, and durability. Similarly, replacing the 613 wigs can cost you so much, so improving their condition is a better option.

1.      Boiling the 613 wigs in a Ziploc

This method works pretty well, but it’s not that common in matter hair. It is used in extreme cases of poor 613 wigs. Start by prepping the hair before the boiling begins. Brush the hair to remove knots and tangles. Doing this makes the hair more manageable and easier to work on. Use an oil-based conditioner or mix the conditioner with a bit of oil and apply a generous amount to the hair. It helps bring back its shine and soft feel. In boiling water, place a Ziploc with the wig inside it. Boil for 20-30 minutes, remove and place the hair in a bowl. Fill the bowl with the boiling water and let it sit for an hour or so. After cooling, remove the hair, comb, and hang to dry.

2.      Brush your 613 wigs to detangle

Detangling is one process you should never miss. Constant brushing ensures no knots or tangles from within the hair. However, if the hair is already matted, detangle slowly to avoid broken strands. Matted hair results from poor hair care, and it rids the hair of its original look. Since it’s not easy to work on such, apply a good quality conditioner first the brush. Use a wide comb and start combing from the ends as you work your way up to the base. The process may take a lot of time, depending on the matting level. Once done, rinse the wig thoroughly using cold water, shake off excess water and dry lightly with a towel. Apply a good moisturizer, then hang to dry completely.

3.      Condition your 613 wig

This step is for wigs with no tangles but appear dry and dull. Deep conditioning helps rejuvenate the hair by making it moist and shiny. Include it in your hair routine and do it once or twice a week for better results.

4.      Washing the wig

Wig washing breaks down the oils and dirt within it. These components distort the wig’s natural pattern and block necessary hair products’ absorption. Wash regularly and moisturize once you are done.

Final words

The blonde color of the 613 hair is quite bold but beautiful when worn. Avoid discarding your wig after a few months of wearing it. Instead, revive it by following the tips above. Proper care helps prolong its life hence serving you longer. In the process, you save a good amount of money needed to purchase new hair considering human hair wigs are not cheap. Detangle, wash, and often moisturize to keep the hair in good condition.

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