Spa Robes: Choosing the Right One

Spa Robes: Choosing the Right One

Women wear bathrobes to bundle themselves up for a cozy feel after taking a bath or as a cover-up at the beach. As with spa lovers, they wrap their bodies up with spa robes as they ready themselves for a relaxing massage at spa centers. Nowadays, robes are made with different cozy fabrics in plush designs and colors; robe manufacturers do so to make sure women of all ages are able to find one that fits their liking.

Bathrobes and spa robes play an awesome role in providing comfort and feel of luxury to their wearers. They have served as a quick means for those who want to revisit that luxurious feeling. We know people who are too picky when it comes to robes but have you ever questioned why they have been so meticulous when all robes seem to look all the same? What are they made for?

People’s answers are countless when it comes to how they use their robes. With such a large assortment that can be bought in the market, there likely is a robe for any kind of personality. But when bathrobe manufacturers were asked about it, they had a common answer.

The Main Purpose of Bathrobes

 The main purpose of robes is as a cover-up for the body after a bath, a shower, or as spa robes which people wear while waiting for their turn at the spa center. That is because basically, robes are specially made to provide warmth to the body, preventing those who wear it from becoming cold. Robes are made from materials that help in drying the body. Most robes are cotton and Terry made and are best known for their water absorbing attribute. There are also robes with hoods which are made to extend the warmth to the head.

Beach Bathrobes

 Most of the advertised robes are beach bathrobes, targeting beachgoers who want to tame the impact of sunlight to their skin. These robes are usually beach wrap designed made both to dry and cover up the body while still keeping the wearer look sizzling sexy.

House Robes

 A lot of bathrobes, especially the less fancy-looking ones, are commonly worn around the house for pleasure and comfort. Both men and women love wearing it for that comfy feel after getting up in the morning or right before going to bed at night.

Spa Robes

 Spa robes are there mainly to provide a luxurious and amazing experience for the spa lovers. Depending on the spa center, the robes available are either too fancy or rather simple. Regardless, the robes serve as a lovely loose piece of clothing that spa lovers wear before or after a sauna bath or on top of clothing worn in spa bed.

With all the stunning, beautiful designs of robes that are available in the market, it is no more a surprise why people nowadays wear bathrobes with pride as if these are their primary garments. More often than not, the rich ones go for smooth, velour or silk robe.

Although there are people who claim robes to be plainly luxurious and unnecessary, it cannot be denied how bathrobes are truly useful in terms of providing extraordinary comfort that people only got to experience in hotels or spas way back. Such fancy robes are now widely available, even online. Now, if you are planning to shop for your first ever personal hotel or spa robe, it pays to educate yourself a bit about it before buying.

The ABCs of Robes

Firstly, it is wrong to believe that all bathrobes are created equal; they are not. If you do a little research, you will eventually find out that there are robes specifically made and designed for men; some are also crafted especially for women. There are also unisex robes, robes for kids, and petite robes. If you want extra warmth, you can go for the extra thick robes, or you can rather go for the lightweight ones if the weight annoys you.

In terms of materials, best-selling robes are usually made of waffle fabric which is thin and light and terry cotton which is rather thick and plush. There are also those made of cotton as the material is efficiently water absorbent. Cotton comes in many forms: low, medium, and high grade and they are all best for bathrobes. Spa centers usually go for waffle weave and lightweight spa robes as they also provide minimal warmth.

There are manufacturers that claim their robes to be 100% cotton made while others say their robes are 75% cotton-made and 25% polyester made. What does that actually mean? To have the best value of your money, it pays to know what kind of fabric you want your robe to be made of. Read on:

  1. Polyester Bathrobes

Polyester fabric material is manmade. Affordable robes offered by manufacturers usually have polyester materials in them so that the bathrobes do not shrink or wrinkle after washing. Popular examples of polyester with cotton blends are microfleece or microfiber which also feel plush and silky making them a top choice for a lot of luxury hotels and spas across the globe today.

  1. Cotton Bathrobes

Cotton is without a doubt the best material for bath robes as they naturally are excellent absorbers of water and other liquids. Cotton fabrics come in two qualities: low-medium grade cotton, and high grade cotton. The latter is known for its elegance and softness and is usually found in Turkey, Sea Island, Egypt, Supima, and Pima.

Cottons provide luxurious, cozy feeling when touched to the skin unlike synthetic materials. Cotton-made, plush robes are unquestionably very soft and comfortable to wear. The only downside, however, with 100% cotton bathrobes is that the material wrinkles and shrinks easily especially when washed. That is why manufacturers commonly go for polyester and cotton combination to address these problems.

In terms of style, popular bathrobes nowadays include Kimono and shawl collared which closes at the neck like how a shawl is wrapped around it. If you want maximum coziness and warmth, go for the shawl collared style. But if you want a more comfortable, wrist length sleeved with a flat collar robe, you can go for Kimono. There are also robes with hood not only to provide warmth to the head but also to make it easy to pull over the wet hair after swimming or bathing.

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