Things You Need to Know About Incense Burning

Things You Need to Know About Incense Burning

Incense is a substance that produces aromatic smoke on burning. This material is made from purely natural products like wood powder, aromatic gums, herbs, spices, and resins.

The incense burner is a clay or mud container in which incense is burnt.

Incense burners are used for many different reasons, like in religious events or sometimes just for fragrance.

No cologne in the world is comparable or similar to the incense smell. This material has been used since ancient times and is still unique in its way.

Today, incense burners are available in an appealing and decorative design to enhance the aesthetic element of the home.

It’s so enchanting to watch the magical smoke coming out of the burner, giving freshness to the air.

If you have also bought an incense burner for your place, you should learn how to burn the incense step-by-step. Its burning is not daunting or harmful in any way, but you should follow the proper steps to ensure the safety of yourself and your place.

Let’s begin the process!

1. Find an Air Free Space

Before burning the incense, make sure to burn it in a place with no air. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to burn the incense.

2. Burn the Cone

If the incense cone is short, hold the cone with tweezers to keep that away from your hand. Burn the tip of the cone with a matchbox or lighter for almost 5 seconds. After smoke starts producing, blow out the flame from the stick and cone.

3. Place the Cone in Burner

After the cone starts making enough smoke, place the cone in the burner. You can set the cone in any direction if the burner doesn’t have any specific place for the hole in that. After placing the cone on the burner, put the burner back at some high place where no one can reach that.

Safety Precautions Associated with Incense Burner

Incense burners are not harmful; still, caution is required because the fire is involved in the process. There are the following things you should be careful about;

  • Blow out the fire source immediately after burning the incense
  • Keep the incense burner at a height where no kid or pet can reach them
  • Place the burner away from clothes and curtains
  • Avoid burning the incense if you have newborns, as any smoke is not suitable for those sensitive being

Benefits of Incense Burner

  • No expensive room sprays are required
  • Fragrance lasts for a long time
  • Modern and customized burners are aesthetically appealing
  • The smoke act as a humidifier against harmful bacteria, pollens, and other air particles

Factors You Need To Consider Before Purchasing the Incense Burner

Purchasing the incense burner is an enjoyable and thrilling experience as the market has a lot of unique and eye-striking options. So, before jumping into the market, make a list of these important factors;

  • Check the burning method (direct or indirect)
  • The size of the burner
  • Number of cones or sticks
  • Water-resistant or not
  • Fragrance options are available or not
  • Design (wall hanging or table placing)

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will help you pick the best and most appropriate use of the incense burner. While spending your money, ensure to choose an option that will provide you with both the fragrance and aesthetics.