What Are The Dos And Don’ts Of Using A Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer?

by Finn

Are you in the market for a Giraffe Tool’s pressure washer but are still unsure about what to get? This handy equipment saves up to 80% on resources while delivering more than 50 times the strength of a standard water hose.

However, not all pressure washers are created alike, and not all of them are ideal for all environmental tasks. It’s also essential to employ this equipment correctly to get gratifying, damage-free outcomes. Whether you’re looking for a formidable, game-changing cleaning solution or already have one in your house, consider these best and worst practices to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning experience.

What Are The Dos?

Make Preparations Before The Task

Your pressure washer will miss the mark of effectiveness if there isn’t enough water. As a start, time how long it takes to fill a five-gallon pail with water from your pump. If it takes less than two minutes, you’re ready to go. But if it takes any longer than that, there is inadequate water flow for the job. Clear out the input filters on your giraffe tools pressure washer and double-check the connectors wherever the equipment links to a hose. However, you can only do this after confirming that you have enough water supply.

Build a Momentum

Some surfaces that you’d expect to stand up well in a washing might get damaged by a frontal spray. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a light hand. And for anyone that wants an example, look at surface sidings. Pressure washers are great for cleaning most surfaces, but if you get too near, you risk removing part of the paintwork or harming delicate woods. Move 10 feet away from the cleaning surface and switch on the water supply. After that, keep stepping forward until your spray has enough power to blast away dirt for an optimal result.

What Are The Don’ts?

Misjudging the Equipment’s Power

Because of the speed and force of a pressure washer, it is as hazardous as effective. And, in case you didn’t know, the water stream from even the ones with lesser PSI is powerful enough to slash through the skin. So make sure to put on safety eyewear, grasp the handle securely to minimize backlash when the equipment starts running, and initiate on the minimal pressure level to protect yourself and your belongings. Also, operate in sweeping movements so that the tool’s force doesn’t get focused in one spot for too long. And last but not least, keep the nozzle pointed away from other folks.

Using Pressure Washers for All Items

If it isn’t self-explanatory, you should know that all surfaces can’t handle the force of a pressure washer. And even with utmost caution and the lowest possible pressure, not all objects are appropriate for power washing, especially if they have already begun to show traces of aging.

Final Thoughts

While using a pressure washer by Giraffe Tools, taking precautions is never a bad idea. So when you finally get your hands on this piece of equipment, make sure to read the manual first!

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