Why You Need a C and I Love Bracelet For Your Relationship

Why You Need a C and I Love Bracelet For Your Relationship

Bracelets are commonly known for beauty and lifestyle. According to some people, bracelets matter equal to the clothes they dress on. Every bracelets worn signifies something; traditions, events and occasions among other functions. Did you know that bracelets can connect people who are far distance apart? Are you in a long distance relationship with your partner? Or your child is in a far distance and you still need to keep the bond live? This is the idea supported by the C and L love bracelets. They are structured to connect lovers from wherever they are. Follow closely through this article to know how and much more about the c and l love bracelet.

How does c and l bracelet function?

C and l bracelets work through the power of Bluetooth connectivity. Maybe you wonder how the Bluetooth will connect from a far distance. The package will come with a product description, go through it and you will be required to download an app to support the functionality of the bracelet. It is at that point you will be able to pair your phones Bluetooth to that of the bracelet. Just like that you will be able to connect with your partner from whenever they are as long as they can acces internet. That feel sweat right?

How will I know my partner is connected?

Once you connected to the internet and the bracelet is paired, You just tap on the bracelet and your partner on the other part of the world will be alerted with a colour flash on their bracelet. This is interesting right?

Is a c and l love bracelet worth it?

A c and l bracelet is very effective and has great advantages. I addition it has outstanding features as discussed below;

Effective relationship management

Just with a bracelet you can be able to work with notify your spouse, friend or that favourite relative that you are thinking about them. That is a very significant message as far as relationships are concerned. C and l love bracelets makes it simple, fashionable, fancy and colourful. You can choose to colour your notifications with c and l love bracelets too.

Easy set up procedure

The set up procedure is very simple. The product description is well detailed and brief. It takes a very short period of time to connect and start enjoying the service.

Function as a reminder tool

The c and I love bracelet can serve as a reminder tool for you. You need to set up the time and the colour that you need to light up to signify the reminder. You do not need an alarm system to remind you with irritating sounds that you will rush to turn off. Enjoy cool and fashionable reminders with c and l love bracelets.


The bracelets are fitted with adjustable strings. They are durable as they can stretch easily.

Light and convenient

A bracelet should make you feel relaxed and at ease. C and l love bracelets appreciates that as it is very light and thus convenient to wear and go about your normal duties. In addition it is of convenient size such that it does not interfere with your hand functionality.


The information above clearly analyses the functionality and features of a c and l love bracelets. If this is what you want you, you can go ahead and acquire one to nourish your relationships.